Use Shower Curtain As Window Curtain

By | September 24, 2021

Use Shower Curtain As Window Curtain. Voila, you have a new stage for when your kids put on plays! I have used old shower curtains for:

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Any width curtain should work and if you’re using this idea for a single shower stall, one window panel should be enough ( the length might have to be altered ). In a pinch, it's a frugal idea until you find the curtains you like or want. To gather leaves and limbs in the yard.

Lay Out Your Shower Curtain.

I've done the curtain thing for years and it softens a bathroom so much. I am going to share with you step by step how some of my family members turned an old worn out shower curtain into window curtains for their school room. You may not be able to get that sheer, ethereal look using shower curtains as window treatments, but for dark curtains that block out light and preserve your privacy, a shower curtain might be.

Shower Curtains Can Be Easily Made Into A Window Curtain In No Time At All!

If you have ever found the selection of shower curtains to be, shall we say, less than inspiring, you can fearlessly choose your favorite window treatment as a substitute. The material ones work best. This will enable you to have better control of the decor of your bathroom, and will help you to make sure that this room is the ideal expression of your personal taste.

I Wanted To Soften The Light A Bit And Add Some Privacy, So I Hung A “Shower Curtain Curtain.” Yes, A Cloth Shower Curtain Can Make A Great.

(which is divine, by the way!) In a pinch, it's a frugal idea until you find the curtains you like or want. I use two rods because i find when using only one, the liner has a tendency, when wet, to want to tangle and cling to the side of the curtain to which it shares the rod.

Voila, You Have A New Stage For When Your Kids Put On Plays!

I like what you did. If you get a fabric shower curtain liner, you could use velcro dots to keep it anchored along the back wall of the shower. I have taken an old shower curtain, cut the holes a little bigger and hung it on a tension rod inside a drafty window to insulate for winter.

The Kids Did Most The Work!

Shower curtains are good for more than adorning your shower. Can you tell me where you found them please? Cut your shower curtains to create your curtain panels.

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